GIRDWOOD, Alaska – Following the mixed gender relay on Wednesday at the Girdwood Race Trails, the Alaska Anchorage ski team finished sixth at the conclusion of the Seawolf Invitational against Rocky Mountain Intercollegiate Ski Association members.

After four events and seven scored races, the Seawolves combined for a season-high 435 points. The Nordic team contributed with 245 points from yesterday’s and today’s races to the Alpine’s 190 points from Jan. 25 & 27. Utah won the meet with 665 points, outdistancing Denver (569) and Colorado (549). Montana State took fourth at 479, while New Mexico (464) defeated UAA by 29 points.

In the final event of the invite – a men’s two-leg and women’s two-leg relay – the Seawolves finished fourth in the 4x5K classic with 127 points. UAA’s first relay finished fifth among RMISA members with a combined time of one hour, 12.4 seconds. The Seawolves’ second relay finished ninth at 1:02.46.0.

Making up the Seawolves’ fifth-place relay were sophomore Toomas Kollo, sophomore Casey Wright, freshman Zackarias Toresson, and freshman Hailey Swirbul. The foursome skiing for UAA’s ninth-place team were sophomore Marcus Deuling, freshman Hannah Rudd, freshman Pietro Mosconi and freshman Natalie Hynes.

The Seawolves will have two days off to prepare for the conclusion of the UAA Invitational, Feb. 11-12 at Kincaid Park.