ELDORO, COLO. – Li Djurestaal led the Alaska Anchorage ski team tied for sixth (1:58.61) in the giant slalom at the Spencer James Nelson Memorial Invitational hosted by Colorado Wednesday.

"It was a great day for Li," said head coach Sparky Anderson. "Career best GS result and pushed into the first group. Georgia did just enough to stay inside the top-seven seed. Alix and Tina skied well, and I think they’ve got another gear yet to grab. The guys lacked execution today. Sometimes when we have a single qualifier like today, it’s tempting to firewall the gas pedal. They guys went hard, no question. But the focus shifted from technical and tactical execution to just full throttle. That clearly didn’t work. We’ll regroup and try and get it done tomorrow."  

Georgia Burgess was 11th (1:58.81), Alix Wells was 14th (1:59.65) and Kristina Natalenko was 19th (2:00.10).

Tony Naciuk was the top finisher on the men’s side placing 16th (1:55.77).

Dominic Unterberger was 23rd (1:57.55), Sky Kelsey 26th (1:57.93) and Martins Onskulis was 32nd (2:01.38).

Utah’s Addisoon Dvoracek won the men’s race (1:52.92), and Denver’s Tuva Norbye won the women’s (1:56.67).

The Seawolves will compete in the slalom Thursday.