Around the World isn’t just the name of a popular basketball game, but also the perfect way to describe how far accounting junior and combo guard for the Seawolves men’s basketball team Jack Macdonald has traveled to play the sport.

To say he came to Alaska from the opposite corner of the map would not be hyperbole. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Macdonald grew up in an athletic family playing enough sports to fill an ESPN programming schedule. But the two sports he played longest — and the ones he came back to most often — were basketball and Australian Rules football, which is the country’s most popular game and most easily described as a cross between American football and rugby. According to Macdonald, “You just have to watch it to get a feel for it.”

When the time came to hone in on a single sport to focus on after high school, Macdonald chose basketball, believing he was more skilled on the court than he was at “Aussie Rules.” College basketball is also much more popular outside of Australia, thus providing the clearest pathway to the U.S., which was an exciting prospect for Macdonald.