There are many components, staged and mobile, that make up the total medical coverage of the Anchorage Mayor's Marathon & Half-Marathon. The medical team's goal is to provide the best first-aid and medical services possible to ensure everyone's safety and success.

The medical care starts before the races begin. Medical/Athletic Taping Tents are set up at the start of the marathon course at Bartlett High School and at the start of the half marathon and 5K course at Delaney Park Strip. Certified Athletic Trainers are at each of these areas to assist with racers last minute preventative injury needs.

There is an army of dedicated medical professionals ready to provide coverage at the multitude of staged Medical Stations and the Finish Line Medical Tent after the start pistols are fired.

There are 13 two-manned stations on the marathon course and six on the half marathon/5K course, each spaced about two miles apart and are adjacent to all of the course's aid (hydration) stations. Additionally, there are 10 to 15 additional medical staff awaiting runners at the finish. All of the medical staff station and finish-line personnel are prepared for the entire spectrum of medical services, minor to severe.

For more comprehensive coverage, and because you cannot rely on every participant medical/emergency need occurring within reach of the 19 Medical Stations, there are also mobile first-aid services between stations. This is accomplished by medical bikers, a motorcycle medic, medical ATVs, and medical rovers -- all volunteers -- who roam back and forth between the Medical Stations on both race courses.

Look for medical bikers between miles 14 and 25 of the marathon and between miles 2 and 12 of the half marathon. A motorcycle medic roams the hilly section between miles 15 and 17 of the marathon (Campbell Airstrip Road), and three medical ATVs are on the dirt trails between miles 7 and 14 of the marathon course (this section of the course is an 8-mile stretch on an off-road military tank trail adjacent to the Chugach State Park wilderness and an area of the course that is not uncommon to engage in a bear or moose encounter).

The safety and well-being of all the runners/walkers in the marathon, half-marathon, marathon relay, 5K and youth race is a team effort and it is the utmost priority to all of the Anchorage Mayor's Marathon & Half-Marathon race officials.

Stay safe and best of luck!

--Chris Volk
  Head Athletic Trainer, UAA Seawolves