University of Alaska Anchorage
Prospective Student-Athlete
Tryout Requirements
Dear PSA,
The following three documents must be emailed or faxed to your coach-contact at least 48 hours prior to your arrival for a prospective student-athlete tryout with the University of Alaska Anchorage:
1)     Copy of your most recent Physical Examination
Your most recent physical examination MUST satisfy all the bullets below or be redone:
·  Physical examination must have been obtained within 6 months of the tryout date. 

·  An appropriate licensed medical provider must have completed the Physical Examination.  An appropriate licensed medical provider is a personal physician (i.e. medical or osteopathic, or a certified secondary staff member such as a nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant) that specializes in the area of family (general) medicine or internal medicine.  Chiropractors, doctors of naturopathy, acupuncturists, etc., or physicians in highly specialized areas such as podiatry, orthopedics, dermatology, and gynecology, etc., are NOT appropriate health care providers to perform physical examinations.

·  Physical Examination MUST be on a physical form that documents body areas assessed and any findings (we do not accept a note from a physician stating that the athlete passed a physical).

·  Physical Examination must “clear for all sports” or “clear for a specific sport (basketball, volleyball…), or note “no limitations”.

·  Physical Examination must have physician’s name, signature, credential, address and phone number.

If your current physical examination does NOT fulfill all of the criteria above, it must be redone.  If you are obtaining a new physical examination for this tryout, then you and your medical provider must utilize the following 2-page Physical Examination Form.  Click below to open the form.
         · Pre-Participation Physical Examination Form (2-pages)
2)     Completed Sickle Cell Trait Form (with sickle cell solubility test results, unless waived).  Click below to open form.
        ·  Sickle Cell Trait Form
3)     Completed Liability Release and Waiver Form
Click below to open form.
        ·  Assumption of Risk, Release, & Liability Form

Please address any questions to your University of Alaska Anchorage coach-contact.