What is an aid station?
The aid stations, consisting of 12-15 people, provide water, snacks and first aid to the runners. The aid stations are spaced about 2 miles apart for each of the courses. In total, there are 16 aid stations for the half marathon and full marathon.

What groups provide aid stations?
Most of those groups providing aid stations in the Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon have been non-profits organizations. There have been a few sponsored by businesses such as Conoco Phillips and the Alaska Club. Corporate-sponsored aid stations volunteer their employees and their families, giving them the opportunity to be involved with the community, to interact with their colleagues in a different setting and to bring attention to the company on the race course, and possibly in the local media.

If you are is interested in providing an aid station at future Mayor's Marathon events, please contact the aid station coordinator TJ Garlatz at 907-786-6022 or run@uaa.alaska.edu. We provide you with detailed instructions and assistance on how to set up and operate the aid station.

What would a marathon be without aid stations?
Aid station personnel also inspire and motivate the runners. Having a well-operated, enthusiastic aid station contributes to the runner's experience and success. While the accomplishment of running a marathon can shape personal lives in tremendous ways, it is also a rewarding experience for the aid station staff.

What is the aid station contest?
For both the marathon and half marathon event, there will one winning aid station that does the best job of supplying the runners with energy drinks and snacks, and who provides a fun, supportive atmosphere for the runners who pass. Each aid station is encouraged to find a theme that might be reflected in the ways aid station volunteers cheer on runners, decorate the aid station, and implement creative ways of getting the runners' attention.

Each winning aid station will be awarded $500, and its picture will appear on the event webpage and in the Coast magazine's special edition for next year's Mayor's Marathon event.

Thanks to all the aid station organizers and their groups which were involved in the 2014 Mayor's Marathon events!

Mile 2: Air Force Recruiters - Dave (Sergeant) Jackson
Mile 4: Alaska Nordic Racing - Joey Caterinichio
Mile 7.1: Coast Guard – Victoria Swinghamer
Mile 9.2: Eagle River High School Running - Jacob Bera
Mile 11: Eagle River High School Ski - Liz Turner
Mile 13: Dimond High School - Nate Normandin
Mile 15: West High School Running - Ruth Barndt
Mile 17.8: South High School Running - Eric Lowman
Mile 19.5: Alaska Speedskating Club - Nancy Hiney
Mile 21: West High School Football - Tim Davis
Mile 23: Alaska Winter Stars - Jan Burton
Mile 24.8: West High School Swimming - Lauren Langford  
Mile 2.6: Pilipino Bisaysns - Jesse Holganza
Mile 4.8/ 8.2: Maharlike Inc. - Pebbles Athanasiou-Harris
Mile 6.5: Black Arts North Academy - Kevinar L. McCoy
Mile 10: Trinity Church - Barb Clubb
Other supporting groups:
Relay exchanges: East High School - Nathaniel Grabman, Barbara Baker, and Shelly James
Finish Line: Alaska Military Youth Academy - Vicki Garner

We appreciate all your efforts and time! This event simply could not happen without your support.