ANCHORAGE, ALASKA - The University of Alaska Anchorage hockey team was put through a different type of early season conditioning getting a taste of military training with the 1-40th Calvary Airborne Unit.

The Army Squadron, which consists of approximately 500 troops, are often the first ones into any situation. These “Scouts”, as they refer to themselves, scout out the situation for enemies, where to drop supplies and where to drop troops, ect.

The training that the Seawolves were put through was typical of what the Scouts see on a daily basis.

After assembling teams in less than 50 seconds, each team had to carry a litter of 150-pounds 1.7 miles by switching members without setting the litter down.

UAA hockey players carry the litter.

The next challenge facing the Seawolves was a 30-station obstacle course. Many of the players battle through a fear of heights and failing on an obstacle, but by sticking together and encouraging their teammates they were able to complete all the obstacles.

Players climb the cargo net.

Players climb the cargo net.

Players get over the incline ladder.

Players climb the ropes.

After learning to prepare and then enjoying an MRE for lunch, the players headed to the training tower.

The tower stands at 35-feet, a height at which your mind starts to play psychological tricks on you. The tower simulates the technique of jumping out of an airplane. Donning a harness and helmet, the players free feel from the tower for a few seconds before the harness catches on the zipline and the players are lowered to the ground.

Players climb the tower.

The day concluded with discussions on leadership, team building, culture and what it means to the Scout Unit.