ANCHORAGE – The University of Alaska Anchorage has announced that it will transfer race organization responsibilities for the Crow Pass Cross trail race to the Healthy Futures organization.

"We have been blessed to oversee this event for so many years, and we are very supportive of Healthy Futures continuing the success of the Crow Pass Crossing,” said race director Michael Friess, who has directed the race since its inception in 1984.

The Crow Pass race is a 24-mile race that takes runners up a mountain, over a pass and down into a valley and a crossing of the Eagle River.

"Healthy Futures is thrilled to assume leadership of the Crow Pass Crossing and thanks the University of Alaska Anchorage and race director Michael Friess for all they've done to build Crow Pass into an iconic Alaskan running event," said Matias Saari, Healthy Futures event support coordinator and new Crow Pass race director.

"Directing the Crow Pass Crossing will help Healthy Futures raise valuable funds to further its mission of empowering youth to build the habit of daily physical activity," said Harlow Robinson, executive director of Healthy Futures and the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.