In FY09 the Alaska legislature provided the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) with $15M for a new sports arena. This funding is being used for project design and site preparation. The on-campus student recreation activities and varsity athletics currently share space in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex (WFSC) on the Anchorage campus. Built more than 30 years ago for a much smaller student population, the WFSC does not provide adequate classroom, recreation or spectator-sports space for UAA’s rapidly growing student body. With the support of the Alaska legislature, community members and business partners, UAA is moving forward with its plan to address these deficiencies in the construction of a new on campus sports arena.


• Provide support for UAA’s athletics teams

• Provide additional student recreation space

• Help to attract and retain students

• Enhance academic programs

• Improve campus life

• Provide adequate spectator seating for athletic events

• Create a sustainable on-campus facility

• Help to support UAA’s health, physical education and fitness curricula

• Enhance UAA’s competitive edge in student-athlete recruitment


What the new sports arena will do for UAA?


Proposed sports arena floor plan

Performance gymnasium

•Spectator seating for approx. 3,500

•Concession stands


Athletic administration and team support facilities

• Locker rooms for UAA’s athletics teams

• Locker rooms for officials

• Locker rooms for visiting teams

• Fitness and training facilities

• Offices for coaches and athletic administration

• Auxiliary gym

• Equipment storage and laundry facilities

• Meeting rooms

• Academic support space

• A/V production space


Gymnastics facility

• Practice and performance gym

• Spectator seating


Construction timeline and specs

• 2008-09: design and site preparation

• 2010-11: facility construction

• Building area: approx.130,000 gross square feet

• Total project budget: $80M


What the new sports arena will do for the community

• Expand high school sports and extracurricular activities

• Provide an additional Anchorage venue for concerts and other arts events

• Serve as a space for conferences and large meetings

• Provide additional training and testing space for fire, police and other city/state organizations

• Serve as a space for community athletic camps

• Serve as an additional venue for large high school athletic competitions

• Serve as an additional community venue for graduations and assemblies