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Anna Berecz
Position: Alpine
Year: Senior
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Experience: 3 Letters
javascript: goPtp('KQ/KQMIAHFVHSSMION.20150228034021.JPG','Anna Berecz at RMISA-NCAA West 2015','Sam Wasson/UAA Athletics','/pics33/200/KQ/KQMIAHFVHSSMION.20150228034021.JPG','/pics33/0/KQ/KQMIAHFVHSSMION.20150228034021.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('KM/KMJJZEMQBRPJEGT.20150226061224.JPG','Anna Berecz at 2015 Seawolf Invite Slalom #4','Sam Wasson/UAA Athletics','/pics33/200/KM/KMJJZEMQBRPJEGT.20150226061224.JPG','/pics33/0/KM/KMJJZEMQBRPJEGT.20150226061224.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('IJ/IJLAPSUBHZVKKOZ.20150226061224.JPG','Anna Berecz at 2015 Seawolf Invite Slalom #1','Sam Wasson/UAA Athletics','/pics33/200/IJ/IJLAPSUBHZVKKOZ.20150226061224.JPG','/pics33/0/IJ/IJLAPSUBHZVKKOZ.20150226061224.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('XG/XGJIEGXPWNWFHFO.20150226061224.JPG','Anna Berecz at 2015 Seawolf Invite Slalom #3','Sam Wasson/UAA Athletics','/pics33/200/XG/XGJIEGXPWNWFHFO.20150226061224.JPG','/pics33/0/XG/XGJIEGXPWNWFHFO.20150226061224.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('DT/DTSSIIILFECLVRC.20150226061224.JPG','Anna Berecz at 2015 Seawolf Invite Slalom #5','Sam Wasson/UAA Athletics','/pics33/200/DT/DTSSIIILFECLVRC.20150226061224.JPG','/pics33/0/DT/DTSSIIILFECLVRC.20150226061224.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('MJ/MJPARFZUOSYQIQD.20150226061224.JPG','Anna Berecz at 2015 Seawolf Invite Slalom #2','Sam Wasson/UAA Athletics','/pics33/200/MJ/MJPARFZUOSYQIQD.20150226061224.JPG','/pics33/0/MJ/MJPARFZUOSYQIQD.20150226061224.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('GC/GCPGWPMFQGJZEVQ.20140203195546.jpg','Anna Berecz 16x9','Curran Photography','/pics33/200/GC/GCPGWPMFQGJZEVQ.20140203195546.jpg','/pics33/0/GC/GCPGWPMFQGJZEVQ.20140203195546.jpg','')
javascript: goPtp('CB/CBRTVSRWZLEURMN.20120211044106.JPG','Berecz UAA Invite 2-10-12 #1','Michael Dinneen / UAA Athletics','/pics32/200/CB/CBRTVSRWZLEURMN.20120211044106.JPG','/pics32/0/CB/CBRTVSRWZLEURMN.20120211044106.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('TZ/TZTHZFJDOMDZNKC.20120211042206.jpg','Anna Berecz UAA Invite 2-10-12 #6','Michael Dinneen / UAA Athletics','/pics32/200/TZ/TZTHZFJDOMDZNKC.20120211042206.jpg','/pics32/0/TZ/TZTHZFJDOMDZNKC.20120211042206.jpg','')
javascript: goPtp('RS/RSALYZWOOGDENLN.20120211044100.JPG','Berecz UAA Invite 2-10-12 #2','Michael Dinneen / UAA Athletics','/pics32/200/RS/RSALYZWOOGDENLN.20120211044100.JPG','/pics32/0/RS/RSALYZWOOGDENLN.20120211044100.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('UK/UKDXAGJCJRADROK.20120211043620.jpg','Anna Berecz UAA Invite 2-10-12 #7','Sam Wasson','/pics32/200/UK/UKDXAGJCJRADROK.20120211043620.jpg','/pics32/0/UK/UKDXAGJCJRADROK.20120211043620.jpg','')
javascript: goPtp('VX/VXTGAWJZRXPEWHQ.20120209030908.jpg','Anna Berecz','Sam Wasson','/pics32/200/VX/VXTGAWJZRXPEWHQ.20120209030908.jpg','/pics32/0/VX/VXTGAWJZRXPEWHQ.20120209030908.jpg','')
javascript: goPtp('FL/FLAUGXHCTOJNSXX.20120209055348.JPG','Anna Berecz','Michael Dinneen / UAA Athletics','/pics32/200/FL/FLAUGXHCTOJNSXX.20120209055348.JPG','/pics32/0/FL/FLAUGXHCTOJNSXX.20120209055348.JPG','')
javascript: goPtp('PP/PPSCYUNPYGUCVJM.20120209055342.JPG','Anna Berecz','Michael Dinneen / UAA Athletics','/pics32/200/PP/PPSCYUNPYGUCVJM.20120209055342.JPG','/pics32/0/PP/PPSCYUNPYGUCVJM.20120209055342.JPG','')
Berecz Photos

2014: Competed in eight races for the Seawolves collegiately and made trek to Sochi, Russia, for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games, skiing for Hungary … qualified for third straight NCAAs, finishing 21st in the slalom and 27th in the giant slalom … helped UAA to an 8th-place team finish and its 31st top-10 team result at Nationals … posted a season-best 15th-place result in the giant slalom at the Utah Invite … named to the USCSCA All-Academic Team.

2013: Competed in 10 races for the Seawolves, including making NCAA debut in Vermont, Mar. 6-9 … posted a 25th-place showing in the giant slalom and furnished a 30th-place finish in the slalom at NCAA, helping the Seawolves to a seventh-place team result …registered a season-high eighth-place showing in the giant slalom at the RMISA Alpine Qualifier … best slalom was 11th, posted at the Colorado Invite … finished 22nd in the RMISA MVP standings with 228 points.

2012: Concluded rookie season with five top-20 finishes … had season-high finishes of 12th in the slalom and 17th in the giant slalom, helping the Seawolves finish fourth at the UAA Invitational … finished 28th in both the giant slalom and slalom at the RMISA/NCAA West Region Championships on Feb. 24-25 … finished the season No. 18 in the RMISA women’s Alpine standings with 298 points, second-best on the team … named to the 2012 Div. I All-Academic Ski Team.

BEFORE UAA: Member of the Hungarian National Team since 2003 … won several Hungarian Adult championships … finished 27th in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games in the Super Combined and at the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in Super Combined … attended Skihandelsschule Schladming in Schladming, Austria.

PERSONAL: Born Sept. 4, 1988 in Budapest, Hungary … daughter of Bela Berecz and Eva Toth … has two siblings … enjoys traveling and knitting … psychology and language dual major.

2014                   GS       SL
Utah Invite            15th     30th
NCAA Alpine Qualifier  25th/DNC  -
Montana State Invite   16th     25th
NCAA Championships     27th     21st

2013                   GS       SL
RMISA Qualifier        8th/13th  -
Colorado Invite        15th     11th
Denver Invite          19th     18th
RMISA Championships    16th     DNF
NCAA Championships     25th     30th

2012                   GS      SL   
RMISA Qualifier        18th    14th   
Colorado Invite        23rd    17th   
Denver Invite          24th    DNF       
UAA Invite             17th    12th   
Seawolf Invite         18th    25th           
RMISA Championships    28th    28th   
NCAA Championships     DNS     DNS

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